Death is a lonely figure

Dressed in a black cloak

I saw him one day

He was marching down the street

Carrying a spool of golden thread

Which he cut

Ending people’s lives

Death stared me in the eyes

I felt fear rush through my body

Thinking my time had come

Don’ t be scared he said in a soothing voice

The pain and suffering is almost over

But I’m not ready to go

I say

But you’ve known I’d come since you were a child

Yes, I have known

Then let me take you, you know it’s time

I tremble at the thought of leaving

I know it’s my time

But I don’t want to accept it

However, his voice is soothing

Soothing like the water in a creak

Soothing like the waves lapping against the shore

He holds out his hand

And reluctantly I take it

I realize I have taken the hand of Death

I am walking away from my life

But he is so convincing that I can’t stop myself

I am a mere servant to his wisdom and kindness

We are almost there

I know, I’m scared

Don’t be scared

I’ll be with you the whole time

I know, thank you

As we reached our final destination

He took out the thread

This thread was special

It was mine

He took out shining silver scissors

And cut the string

As it snapped

I felt my heart rushing

And then




And silence

Everything fell pitch black

Hush now

Everything is all right