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Being lonely isn’t fun — November 18, 2014

Being lonely isn’t fun

I can assure you that when I grow old, I will be a bitter old lady whom is lonely and full of hate. I will regret every decision I made when I was young. I’ll remember sitting alone eating, with my phone only thinking it was everyone else’s fault for me eating alone. Even while typing this, I know it’s true. But I don’t want to be alone. But do I truly have any friends? They’re all just classmates, or fellow athletes. When have I not been lonely? When will I truly make friends?

King Kong — November 16, 2014

King Kong

This is kind of random, and weird, but here is my interpretation of the movie and story of “King Kong”.
In my opinion, it’s not only a story of adventure, and thrilling events, it’s also the story of how a wild thing was tamed; it was tamed by love. ‘Kong’ is feared by all, and thus it isn’t only angry, but lonely. All of a sudden Kong meets Ann, and everything changes. After some times she learns to appreciate him, and he learns to love her. However, this is love is misunderstood by most everyone, ending his life, and ultimately her happiness in the end.

Life — November 3, 2014


Isn’t life supposed to be awesome? Aren’t we supposed to be the wonderfully perfect people that we want to be? How come this isn’t what’s going on? Why aren’t we perfect? Why isn’t life awesome, and perfect, and happy all the time?
I sometimes find my self astounded by what life is really like. Seeing the imperfect, and quite real world in front of me is sometimes discomforting. Yet, there are those who believe they are perfect. They are perfect, and so is everything about them. What have they figured out about the world that allows them to live like this? How do we all become like them? Highly successful, popular, perfect, and ultimately the object of jealousy for everyone. How do they do it?