Sometimes I wonder how we can measure life. Is it measured by the number of years we live, by the amount of breaths we take, by our accomplishments? I find that it can’t be properly measured by one thing. In a sense, it’s not quite an ultimatum. It can be measured in many ways, but it wouldn’t be accurate using just one. We do so many more things than just living and breathing. We have so many things to be proud and ashamed of; and both make up our lives. I once found a quote that said “Life isn’t measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away.” I find that this can be interpreted in many different ways. To me, however, it means that we shouldn’t spend our lives worrying about how long we will live, but instead, we should do what excites us and makes us happy. Life is too short to wait and do nothing. In the end, we will all most likely regret not doing something, more than we will regret doing it. I suppose this is somewhat cheesy, and whatnot, but I believe it to be true. What do you want to with your life? What is LIFE to you? How do you measure it?