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Intro to E-2 — September 24, 2016

Intro to E-2

So recently I had this odd dream.. So I’m turning it into a story.. Here is the introduction..

      Peace. Is peace truly possible among all species on this truly violent and cruel planet? No. However, this doesn’t take place on planet Earth. It is a planet like Earth; a sister planet if you will. A planet in an alternate universe. An alternate reality that could boggle the mind of even a genius.
    Peace among all species; a unimaginable reality. At least, not when all we know is that violence is the only way to survive. It is often said that the only way to achieve peace is to have a common threat endangering your own. On the other hand, it is entirely possible when that is the only reality you have ever known.
    Planet E-2 is a planet in which plants and animals can talk. It is a planet where every species has learned to work together to overcome their crucibles. They do not abhor each other; they have no reason to.
    Now that you know this information, I will lay out the scene. The beginning of our story takes place in a city called Arrey; a place you may know as San Francisco, California.