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Poetry help  — October 1, 2016

Poetry help 

(I had to write a transcendentalist poem for English class, and this is my first draft but I need some honest opinions so I know what to work on.. )
Oh tree, you grow towards the sky 

That cannot be touched 

Your roots ground you

Reminding you of your limits

But tall isn’t tall enough 

And soon the power corrupts you
You leave your seeds in hope

of offspring to keep your legacy alive 

But seeds are the food of birds

Leaving your journey to the sky 

and your legacy 

Soon to be forgotten 
You loathe these limits 

 nature has set upon you 

Time is so short

And the sky is so distant 
Surrounded by grassy fields

and song bird’s melodies 

While the gracious morning sun

shines down upon you

You mutter and bicker

Rather than notice everything 

you have

Copious reasons to be happy 

Yet you reach for the unattainable 

Further, just a little further 

Whisper your leaves as they snake upwards

Further, because close isn’t good enough

Not when you can taste the sky 

(I’m in 11th grade btw) 

Intro to E-2 — September 24, 2016

Intro to E-2

So recently I had this odd dream.. So I’m turning it into a story.. Here is the introduction..

      Peace. Is peace truly possible among all species on this truly violent and cruel planet? No. However, this doesn’t take place on planet Earth. It is a planet like Earth; a sister planet if you will. A planet in an alternate universe. An alternate reality that could boggle the mind of even a genius.
    Peace among all species; a unimaginable reality. At least, not when all we know is that violence is the only way to survive. It is often said that the only way to achieve peace is to have a common threat endangering your own. On the other hand, it is entirely possible when that is the only reality you have ever known.
    Planet E-2 is a planet in which plants and animals can talk. It is a planet where every species has learned to work together to overcome their crucibles. They do not abhor each other; they have no reason to.
    Now that you know this information, I will lay out the scene. The beginning of our story takes place in a city called Arrey; a place you may know as San Francisco, California.

Happiness Is — May 8, 2015
Life — May 7, 2015


Sometimes I wonder how we can measure life. Is it measured by the number of years we live, by the amount of breaths we take, by our accomplishments? I find that it can’t be properly measured by one thing. In a sense, it’s not quite an ultimatum. It can be measured in many ways, but it wouldn’t be accurate using just one. We do so many more things than just living and breathing. We have so many things to be proud and ashamed of; and both make up our lives. I once found a quote that said “Life isn’t measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away.” I find that this can be interpreted in many different ways. To me, however, it means that we shouldn’t spend our lives worrying about how long we will live, but instead, we should do what excites us and makes us happy. Life is too short to wait and do nothing. In the end, we will all most likely regret not doing something, more than we will regret doing it. I suppose this is somewhat cheesy, and whatnot, but I believe it to be true. What do you want to with your life? What is LIFE to you? How do you measure it?

Being lonely isn’t fun — November 18, 2014

Being lonely isn’t fun

I can assure you that when I grow old, I will be a bitter old lady whom is lonely and full of hate. I will regret every decision I made when I was young. I’ll remember sitting alone eating, with my phone only thinking it was everyone else’s fault for me eating alone. Even while typing this, I know it’s true. But I don’t want to be alone. But do I truly have any friends? They’re all just classmates, or fellow athletes. When have I not been lonely? When will I truly make friends?

King Kong — November 16, 2014

King Kong

This is kind of random, and weird, but here is my interpretation of the movie and story of “King Kong”.
In my opinion, it’s not only a story of adventure, and thrilling events, it’s also the story of how a wild thing was tamed; it was tamed by love. ‘Kong’ is feared by all, and thus it isn’t only angry, but lonely. All of a sudden Kong meets Ann, and everything changes. After some times she learns to appreciate him, and he learns to love her. However, this is love is misunderstood by most everyone, ending his life, and ultimately her happiness in the end.

Life — November 3, 2014


Isn’t life supposed to be awesome? Aren’t we supposed to be the wonderfully perfect people that we want to be? How come this isn’t what’s going on? Why aren’t we perfect? Why isn’t life awesome, and perfect, and happy all the time?
I sometimes find my self astounded by what life is really like. Seeing the imperfect, and quite real world in front of me is sometimes discomforting. Yet, there are those who believe they are perfect. They are perfect, and so is everything about them. What have they figured out about the world that allows them to live like this? How do we all become like them? Highly successful, popular, perfect, and ultimately the object of jealousy for everyone. How do they do it?

A Poem I Wrote; Death — October 31, 2014

A Poem I Wrote; Death

Death is a lonely figure

Dressed in a black cloak

I saw him one day

He was marching down the street

Carrying a spool of golden thread

Which he cut

Ending people’s lives

Death stared me in the eyes

I felt fear rush through my body

Thinking my time had come

Don’ t be scared he said in a soothing voice

The pain and suffering is almost over

But I’m not ready to go

I say

But you’ve known I’d come since you were a child

Yes, I have known

Then let me take you, you know it’s time

I tremble at the thought of leaving

I know it’s my time

But I don’t want to accept it

However, his voice is soothing

Soothing like the water in a creak

Soothing like the waves lapping against the shore

He holds out his hand

And reluctantly I take it

I realize I have taken the hand of Death

I am walking away from my life

But he is so convincing that I can’t stop myself

I am a mere servant to his wisdom and kindness

We are almost there

I know, I’m scared

Don’t be scared

I’ll be with you the whole time

I know, thank you

As we reached our final destination

He took out the thread

This thread was special

It was mine

He took out shining silver scissors

And cut the string

As it snapped

I felt my heart rushing

And then




And silence

Everything fell pitch black

Hush now

Everything is all right

Where am I headed — October 30, 2014

Where am I headed

Today, and recently, I have been questioning where I am headed. Am I walking towards failure or success? What skills and mindsets am I picking up in high school? Will I chose to be happy and try my hardest, or will I just give up on all hope? Where am I headed? And it still isn’t clear to me, but it will some time. And hopefully soon.

Homework — October 28, 2014


Homework. What is the need for homework? Sometimes I feel as if it takes over my personal/home life. At times, it can feel uneccessary. I mean, who invented it?

But you have to consider, that it helps the brain stay stimulated, and you get work done, that you couldn’t do in class, meaning less class time. So, good luck with that homework!! 🙂